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Questions regarding Microblading

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Microblading is the process of adding tattooed hair-like strokes throughout your brows, making your brows appear fuller & perfectly shaped.

#1 How long is the process?

It's important to be aware that microblading is a multi step process. After coming in for your treatment which typically lasts 2 -3 hours, you will then come back 4-6 weeks for an additional touch up. Everyone's skin is different, most people require 1 touch up, while others need up to 2 touch ups before they have their ideal brows. (price includes your touch ups needed) Brows always look perfect after every treatment, but some lines may fade more than others after they’re healed. This is why you must come back for touch ups. Having more touch ups in the beginning will also make sure your brows last longer.

#2 What's the process like?

The art and detail that I provide in my microblading services is typically more than other artists, therefore you won't leave with a few basic long strokes through your brows, but with many smaller hair-like strokes that flow within your natural hair growth. Before any tattooing is done your brows will be numbed with a topical numbing cream containing lidocaine. During the process you won't feel any pain, but you will hear a light scrapping noise as each hair stroke is placed. There will be music playing, but sometimes bringing your own earphones & music is a good idea. After your initial appointment is done, your artist will explain how to take care of your brows & when the best time is to come back for your touch up. Your brows will take a little over a week to fully heal, at that time it's crucial you follow all aftercare steps. There's no downtime, during your healing window brows may appear a little darker & some mild scabbing. After healing window brows will soften in color.

#3 How long does microblading last?

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo & doesn't go as deep as a regular tattoo. On average brows last 1-3 years. This makes it easy for you to switch up the style or shape every year or so to keep up with the trends.

How do I prepare for my appointment:

It's important to know that skin needs to be at a healthy state. Skin that hasn't been exfoliated or thinned out is necessary. Avoid any harsh exfoliators such as Chemical peels, Retin-A creams, products containing AHAs, Salicylic acids & skin care treatments at least 1 week prior appointment. You will also need to avoid substances that cause your blood to thin, as it's much harder to create brow art on individuals who bleed excessively...remember this is rare unless using substances such as alcohol, smoking or blood thinning medications such as asprin, coumadin, warfarin... Avoid these substances at least 48 hours prior & afterwards. Before appointment it's recommended to wash hair and face well. Cleanliness is key in preventing any infection.

How to care for your brows afterwards?

Every technician has their own idea on how the aftercare should be. After lots of research & speaking with many other artists I have came up with my ideal healing process. Based off real results & experience. You will be educated on this aftercare process & will be given a take home aftercare kit. The healing window & after care is crucial, but also extremely easy to follow. Avoid sweating, getting them wet, hot showers, steam rooms, saunas, tanning beds, moisturizers, & makeup for 7-10 days after treatment. If you experience scabbing do not pick or pull on scabs. This will result in pulling the pigment out.

Important things to consider:

1. Research your artist, take the time in choosing an artist who does brow art that meets your standards. There are hundreds of artist out there, make sure your zooming into pictures and you like the artist's style. All artists are different & unique in their brow art/micro-bladed hair strokes...choose wisely. My goal is giving my clients the most natural looking brows, I don't want people to be able to tell it's a tattoo unless studied up close. I try to go with the person's natural hair growth, so that it blends together nicely.

2. Exfoliating, laser treatments, sun exposure & tanning beds will fade your brows more quickly. It can be wise to apply sunscreen to them after they are healed.

3. If you are going through chemotherapy, you will not be able to get this treatment done. Make sure to book your appointment before or after chemotherapy. If you have struggled with cancer you may qualify for free brows, my personal way of giving back to the community.


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