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Permanent Cosmetics

Because makeup is a woman's best friend

The styles:


Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup tattoo procedure that transforms the eyebrows. Microblading technique creates thin hair-like strokes, which replicates the natural hair strokes on your brows; giving you the shape and fullness you've always wanted. 


2-3 hr. Session

Make-up artist working
Marble Surface

Nano Brows


Nano (single needle machine work)- is the newest technique when it comes to Brow Permanent cosmetics. This technique idealy lasts longer, wonderful for those who've previously had difficulty with miroblading not appearing well on their skin. This look just like microblading gives the appearance of ultra thin hair-like strokes. This technique is also chosen for older/fragile skin. 


3 hr. Session

Ombre/Shaded brows

This style appears as if eyebrows have a soft shaded background with a perfect done up shape. It provides you with a light or dark "makeup look", depending on your preference. The ombre effect goes from a light front shade to darker shading towards your end/tail.  


3 hr. Session


Lip Blush

As we age our lip line becomes less prominent making our lips appear less full. By tattooing your lip's outline with a shade similar or of your natural lip color, your lips will appear more full yet natural. Choosing a color other than your natural lip color can be a fun change giving you a whole new lip shade. Numerous colors are available to choose from & with the help of Meraki we can both decide what's best for you & your skin tone.



3 hr. Session

Marble Surface

Combo brows

The combination of shading with either a Nano (machine- strokes) or Microbladed (manual strokes) pattern.



3 hr. Session

Faux freckles


1 hr. Session

Marble Surface

Our Promise

Meraki is so certain you'll love the results, that a full refund & removal sessions are free in the case you were not satisfied with your results. Meraki prides itself on exceptional service & skill for each unique individual client. Our mission is to provide you with the brows you've always wanted.

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