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Microblading Utah

Learn techniques in microblading, Nano (single needle) & powdered brows all in one class

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One on One trainings
A group setting
Customizing your training to your needs & how you learn best 

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 *3 day courses
*Kit included
*Payment plans
*Hands on training
*Small class sizes
*Live demos
*Unlimited shadowing

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Meraki's Philosophy

Training well informed & highly skilled artists is the mission

At Meraki brows Academy we focus on teaching our future artists the latest & advanced designs. The art & techniques we provide to you are created to give a 3D effect, resulting in a "natural look" which flows better within the natural brow; making our techniques different from most schools.


Meraki Academy is a place for constant growth. Our program is designed to take you through multiple stages of advancement. Once you've completed our in person training you'll recieve our online courses & up to date video trainings, plus support calls to help with the success of your beauty business.  


The 3 day course consists of learning multiple brow design techniques, how to market your business, proper sanitation, color theory, brow mapping, product research, live demos & hands on models & practice.


Creating brow art that appears natural & mimics thin hair-like strokes is the Meraki way. Our program teaches you not only microblading, but also soft-tap & the latest technique nano, giving you the capability to offer your clients multiple techniques & designs.


Your journey with Meraki Brows takes you through different levels of advancement. Giving you the oppertunity to keep leveling up, sharpen your skills & gain multiple certifications.  Meraki is forever a place to grow, further your education and become apart of like-minded artists.  

Microblading Utah
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